Sunday, February 28, 2010

STEP BY STEP: A pedestrian memoir by Lawrence Block

Many of us know Lawrence Bloch through one (or more) of the many quirky characters he has created in his many mystery novels: international spy Evan Tanner, New York City private detective Matthew Scudder, hit-man-for-hire John Keller or my favorite - almost-reformed burglar/used bookstore owner Bernie Rhoddenbar. In today’s book, Block introduces us to an equally fascinating character – himself! STEP BY STEP is a delightful read of the journeys of a modern American life – the pedestrian memoirs of an inquiring mind.

Block is as charming, wry and as folksy as ever when writing about his life as a observant pedestrian and as a skilled runner – from his youth to the present day, offering us ample stories of the many marathons, races and journeys he has taken across the country and the world - check out his memories of the 3 month, 650 mile journey over the Pyrenees – the famed Camino De Santiago. It's a great one-chapter example of his writing, observation and walking skills. Too, I hope you'll take the time to read the chapter in which Block and his wife decide to pursue the elusive towns named Buffalo - and end up touring the American countryside - by foot and by car - from Florida to Colorado and beyond.

More than a "pedestrian" read, STEP BY STEP may set us all on our won open-eyed wanderings across the continent and beyond!

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