Friday, August 21, 2009

1942 - Pearl Harbor as it might have been? by Robert Conroy

It's 1942 and the Japanese have successfully invaded and taken Hawai'i, making it part of the Japanese empire.

Americans in occupied Hawai'i, the halls of power in Washington DC and the military labs of California respond with cunning, out-of-the-box action and a dash of on-the-run romance. Their Japanese counterparts meanwhile learn that winning a battle is only the beginning of the struggle to hold onto what they've won. With fictionalized appearances by President Franklin Roosvelt, Admiral Yammamoto and a cast of other significant - if fictional- characters 1942 is a novel of nonstop action and romance.

1942 may be "alternative history" but it rings true with its' characters very human emotions of love, patriotism, greed, and evil.

What a read!

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